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Here you'll find videos, messages and screenshots from artists who I've worked with in DK Music Business Academy. I'm incredibly proud of each and every artist and I'm looking forward to having your successes on here soon!

Meet the artists...

Meet Sam. In 8 months he has started from zero to hitting over 1 million streams on Spotify, getting on thousands of playlists and smashing over 50k+ fans on Instagram.

Here's his story!

Meet Michael. For his first release, he hit over 120k streams on Spotify within the first month, leading to him being offered a sync deal for his music.

Here's how he did it!

Meet Emerger. They are a duo who hit over 100k streams on their recent release. They won a songwriting competition hosted by Abbey Road Studios and were chosen by Apple Music to be featured on Artist Spotlight.

Meet Alan. He is an international DJ, having worked alongside artists like Zedd, Tiesto and J Balvin.

He recently was asked to create music for a campaign for Tesla.

Meet Mike. He is in a band called The Wild and Free who recently recorded with legendary Producer Matt Squire who has produced All Time Low, Panic! At The Disco and and Sum 41.

Meet James. He hit over 100k streams on Spotify with his first release and has since founded his own label which has a partnership with Universal Music.

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"Within 1 month I had 120.6k plays on my debut single"


"Really have to thank Damian Keyes for the growth and all the great people in DKMBA for the help & support"

Simone Eversdijk

"We hit 1,000,000 total streams on Spotify... New single this week hit 10,000 in the first week"

Sam and Sounds

"I have been able to go from 20K streams on Apple Music to 207k streams within the space of a few months"


"My debut single reached over 12k streams in less than 2 weeks"

Noah Sonnen

Paul had 26.3k streams in all of 2019... 2020 is a very different story!

Paul Middleton

"The BIG success is I've decided to sign with a record label. I will have signed my first record deal by this time tomorrow night!"

Joy Frost

"Big shoutout to Damian. Thank you for all the gems and knowledge you provide"


"I've come such a long way and today I landed two Spotify Editorial playlists, INSANE! Thank you for reminding me not to give up"

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And there's more...

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